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Sales Training:

Sales wonderful sales. 

Do the customers feel good about the sale or do they feel violated by the numbers game.

Numbers yes numbers.  We all play the numbers game but at what cost.

Are we so obsessed with meeting the flush numbers or the alignment numbers?  That we are forcing them instead of the long line of missed sales?

What the tech gives to the service writer overwritten to meet a number for the day.

You know what I like better than hitting a flush number?  Hitting a sales goal.

With all the pre maintenance and little items.  It can add up in a day.




Some of what is covered:

         Sales goal

         Making the sale

         Closing the sale

         Add Ons

         Making the customer feel good about the sale.

         An investment on an investment

         What makes the sale

         Approach to the sale

         The pre sale

         Planting the seeds that bring them back


I don’t believe in numbers but I do believe in sales.   Dollars don’t lie but numbers can.



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