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Customer Service Training:

Customer Service is the key to a successful business.

Do your customers enjoy dealing with your shop?

Are they satisfied with the experience?

Do they know exactly what they are getting and why?

Are they met with smiles and made to feel welcome?

Have you seen a decline in business? 

Too many new faces and not enough of the old?

What I do is help to create an atmosphere that is charged and relaxed.

If you’re doing it right then sales are easier and repeat and new business is up.

It’s the win win and that feels good.




Some of what is covered:

         Customer Relations

         Defusing the Irate customer

         Working with the customer to make decisions

         Product and service explanations

         Working with a smile

         Everyday is a great day


Customer Service is not a passing fab.   It's the back bone of business.

Is yours up to par?


We Can Help.



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