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Real Alignment Training:

The alignment machine is a money maker plain and simple.

With your machine you can align any car that will fit on the rack.

I’ve been an Alignment specialist most of my career and I seen most everything out there. 

Are you ready to be the best and increase your business because they come for an alignment and stay for the rest? 

I've aligned most everything out there. From street rods to drag cars. To the mom and pop grocery getter to the 1 ton work truck. Exotics to tuners. I've done it.

Let me help you get up to speed to make money.


Some of what is covered:

         Interpreting what you see

         Understanding the difference between tire issues and alignment

         Why to never turn away alignments

         Custom alignments

         Classic car alignments

         Getting a straight steering wheel on any vehicle

         Your machine is a tool

         Shaking a vehicle down properly

         German vehicle alignments


Easy money walking out the door?
Alignment guy struggling to get it right?


We Can Help.



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